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At the Law office of Peter Duong, we help individuals attain visas, green cards, and citizenship based on family relationships. It is our primary goal to focus on family based immigration and to ensure that your interests are protected.

Bringing families together through immigration is one of the most important services offered at the Law Office of Peter Duong. Our skilled team of attorneys and paralegals are well-versed in immigration law and will ensure the best possible support for you and your family. We desire to take each unique case and create beneficial solutions for each and every one of our clients.

Here at the Law Office of Peter Duong, we believe in the importance of uniting families through immigration services and U.S. citizenships. We instill confidence by providing the best and most efficient services for all of our clients. Through the aid of visas and green cards, the attorneys and paralegals at our law office will help you and your loved ones with all your immigration needs.

Our San Francisco office aids in bringing families to the U.S. from over seas. We also assist reuniting families by allowing U.S. citizens the ability to apply for a variety of petitions for parents, spouses, siblings, and adult or minor children. U.S. citizens are also able to request petitions for fiancés who are non U.S. citizens. Those who are lawful permanent residents are limited to requesting petitions for spouses, adult unmarried children, and minor children.

Defending and uniting your family is the main objective at our law office. Our team of expert attorneys will instruct you and your loved ones through each and every step of the immigration process carefully and efficiently.  For any advice from our San Francisco Family Based Immigration Lawyers, we are here to help.

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