Applying for U.S. Citizenship: The Forms & Costs

///Applying for U.S. Citizenship: The Forms & Costs

Applying for U.S. Citizenship: The Forms & Costs

Forms & Fees for US Citizenship

Forms & Fees for US Citizenship

Naturalizing in the U.S. can come with a number of benefits, including more rights and opportunities (like, for instance, an easier path to bring other loved ones to America). The process of obtaining U.S. citizenship, however, can be involved and complicated – and knowing just how to kick off the process (and keep it moving forward) can be challenging, if not overwhelming, for foreign nationals who have never applied for a status change before, who have language barrier problems, etc.

To help these and others understand exactly how to get starting with the naturalization process in America, below, we have listed out all of the forms that are necessary to complete and submit to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

While the following information can get you on the path to naturalization, don’t hesitate to contact a San Francisco immigration lawyer at the Law Office of Peter Duong for additional help and experienced representation as you move forward with naturalization (or when you need to resolve any immigration matter).

The Forms & Fees for Applying for U.S. Citizenship

The following table highlights the forms that are typically required to initiate a naturalization case with USCIS. Please note that not every petitioner will need to complete/submit every form below. Some forms will only apply to certain individuals or situations.

Form # Form Title Fee
(& Brief Explanation)
N-400 Application for Naturalization $595 +
$85 for biometrics
N-300 Application to File Declaration of Intention $250
N-4 Monthly Report Naturalization Papers $0
N-336 Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings $650
(This is to appeal a denial.)
N-426 Request for Certification of Military or Naval Service $0
N-470 Application to Preserve Residence for Naturalization Purposes $330
N-600 Application for Certificate of Citizenship $600
(Some petitioners will be exempt from this fee.)
N-600K Application for Citizenship & Issuance of Certificate $550 to $600 (depending on the petitioner)
N-565 Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship  Document $345
N-648 Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions $0
N-644 Application for Posthumous Citizenship $0

All of these (and other immigration forms) are available for free here, at USCIS’ website.

Starting the Naturalization Process in the U.S.: More Important Info

  • Signatures – You must sign all USCIS forms submitted to the agency as part of your citizenship application. Failing to sign any form can lead to processing delays, if not an outright denial of your application.
  • Supporting documents – When submitting citizenship forms to USCIS, you are required to also submit copies of any supporting documents necessary to verify aspects of your request or history. These copies will not typically be returned to you (so don’t send originals). Failing to provide this supporting evidence with citizenship applications can, again, result in costly delays or denials of these petitions.
  • Methods of payment – To cover USCIS filing fees, acceptable forms of payment include personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks or credit cards. For checks or money orders, the payment must be made out to the “Department of Homeland Security.” Fee waivers may be available for some military applicants.
  • What happens next – Once all forms, supporting evidence and filing fees have been properly submitted to USCIS, officials at the agency will process the application and schedule applicants for biometrics, the in-depth background check process (to verify that someone doesn’t pose a threat to national security, (s)he is who (s)he says (s)he is, etc.). Once that phase is “passed,” the USCIS interview and testing portion of the naturalization process will ensue, after which the agency will make a determination regarding whether to grant citizenship.

Ready for More Help? Contact a San Francisco Immigration Lawyer at the Law Office of Peter Duong

For experienced help resolving your important immigration issues, contact a San Francisco immigration lawyer at the Law Office of Peter Duong. For nearly two decades, our trusted lawyer has been committed to providing exceptional legal services related to all aspects of U.S. immigration and naturalization law.

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